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Care @ Home Packages

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Services Offered
Basic Home Care

During the visit our senior registered doctor will conduct a detailed assessment to identify any significant changes in health from the last visit.
Our services are provided by trained and experienced registered doctors only. The senior registered doctor assigned to your parent’s care will:
• Check on specific ailments.
• Check basic vital signs.
• Asses cardiovascular and respiratory health.
• Assess mobility and safety.
• Manage prescription medication.

Yearly Packages for Health Check up at home

There are two yearly packages available:
Health Checkup at home –
1)ensures that the health condition of the client is monitored so that health issues are detected as early as possible.
2)Close Monitoring – this service package is for clients who already have a medical condition for which a closer, more frequent check is required. This helps to identify any change in the health condition faster so that measures can be taken
Both packages include:
• Regular Registered doctor visits and Calls.
• Regular Nursing visits.
• Dietician visit.
• Access to Electronic Medical Records.
• Annual Medical Health Check-up as per clinical need.

Health Support

Care @ home will also call your relative to ensure they are receiving excellent, reliable, and compassionate care. These telephone check-ups will give our clients the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns.

Communicating with Non-Resident Indians

The Care @ home team will communicate with you regularly via telephone and email. Care @ home will also provide you with well-documented assessments that are available via email for your review.

For more information about how to get care for your relative in the comfort of home contact us today.