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Services Offered by Care @ Home

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Services Offered
Doctor's visit

Who are home care physicians?
Doctors who specialize in house calls are usually extensively experienced in adult and geriatric care.

Who might benefit from the service of a home care physician?
House calls may be especially helpful for older adults who experience the following challenges:

• Immobility.
• Cognitive, psychiatric or emotional instability.
• Need to involve home-based caregivers in consultation with the doctor-

What services are offered by a home care physician?
Home care physicians offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine checkups and on-going preventive care to diagnostic testing and treating serious illnesses. Improvements in medical technology may even allow home care physicians to perform Electrocardiograms (ECG) and other tests in your home. Contact us for doctor at home today.

The Services Include:

• Physio examinations.
• On-going treatment of medical conditions like Heart disease, Lung disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease and Diabetes.
• Portable diagnostic testing.
• Medication management and refills.
• Referral to Physio therapy and specialized rehabilitation services.
• Coordination of home care nurses, home health aides and medical equipment.
• Physician review for authorization of therapy, home health care, medical equipment and diagnostic testing.

Other Services

Dressings, Injections & Infusions

The nurses provide skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by nonprofessional personnel. These services include:

• Injections and intravenous therapy.
• Wound care and dressing done by trained professionals with completely sterile equipment & in controlled environment • Our nurses are also competent in catheterization.